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TV Voice Overs by Kevin Sanderson
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TV Voice Overs

By Kevin Sanderson

TV Spots - samples of Previous Voice Over Work

A YouTube Playlist that will show a series of spots

My Voice Over Rates are per spot for Commercials, per message for professional Business Voice Mail Greetings and Phone Messages, per job/script for Narrations and Audio for Websites, per page for Radio/TV promos, sweepers & IDs for a one-time session/continuous use (it's good enough for some of the big guys past and present so it's good enough for me).

I pass my low overhead savings on to you!

I prefer to charge by the job as there's more involved than just word-count and time spent recording the voice over as there is also going over the script and consulting with you if there are questions or problems, editing clean up, and research for pronunciations involved, even if it's just calling you to confirm the pronunciation of your client's unique product. Some clients also request a slower read and that can throw off word-count formulas others rely on.

I do not charge a studio fee unless an off-site recording studio is requested.

I use a minimum of audio processing so you or your editor can work magic. Having worked in voice over and production since 1974, I know that sometimes you need the freedom to adjust audio tracks and a clean basic voice track is what's needed. I can record a free short sample of your script if my audio demos do not give you enough of an idea how good it will sound.

Rates range from $25 - $50 U.S. for small projects like Cable TV tags or short voice mail greeting messages, $30 - $350 U.S. for Radio and TV spots (spot length and market size/national/international), $75 - $225 U.S. for most short corporate narrations, $225 - $500 U.S. or more for larger voice over projects.

Additional charges for rush jobs, technical reads, copy correction, client changes or lots of editing (for those who need reads broken into separate files). Additional charges can be from $50 - $250. Please make sure your scripts are signed off on and approved before final submission for voicing.

Approximate charges are listed. Plan on more depending on work involved and demand for my services. All amounts are in US dollars and payment should only be made in US dollars. Terms are: Due on receipt. Your payment in full is a buyout of the voice track. Additional amounts will be charged for extra voices and production/editing  in scripts.

Voice Over Rates Breakdown

Professional Voice Mail Greetings and Phone Messages:

                     $50 for most under :30 seconds

                     $75 for 1 minute

                     $150+ for over 1-2 minutes

Corporate Narrations/Industrials, Web Films, Web Videos, Audio for Websites:

                     $95 - $125 for approximately 1 page (1 - 2 minutes of final voice over audio)

                     $150 and up for more than 1 page/2 minutes length

(most longer scripts lately are falling in the $225 - $500 range...send a script as close to final as possible to get a quote)

Local Cable TV spots: medium/large markets 

                     $25 - $50 for :10 - :15 tags

                     $50 - $450 for :30

                     More for longer

Local Cable TV spots: small markets

                     $25 for :10 - :15 tags

                     $35 for :30

Broadcast TV: medium/large markets

                     $75 - $650 for :30

National TV (Cable & Broadcast):

                     $300 - $1,500 for :30

Radio: medium/large markets

                     $50 - - $100 for :30

                     $125 - $400 for :60

Radio: small markets

                     $35 for :30

                     $100 for :60

Internet Radio & Podcast:

                     Starting at $50 for liners and messages...send the script for far most jobs have been $50 - $200.

National Radio (Broadcast/Satellite):

                      $200 - $300 for :30

                      $275 - $450 for :60

Questions? Special scripts? Call my voice mail at (248) 208-0327 or e-mail me.

Important Voice Over Rates Info

Rates above are for straight voice overs only. Due to time limitations in my schedule, it's hard to produce completed spots with music and sound effects. Plan on spending more for production work, lower pricing if you provide cleared production music that you have purchased (jingle, 'needle drop' music from a production library you are licensed to use).

Website distribution of your finished spot is available but most are now using YouSendIt. No Charge for YouSendIt usage. I will need all details before I can quote you a fee for website downloads. I recommend using YouSendIt instead.

Additional charges will be applied for work added to the project after the agreed to quote has been made.

At this time, normal turnaround for small voiceover projects is same day to one to two days, depending on the time I get the copy and workload. If you give me a heads up, I will be looking for it. Slower turnaround for larger projects and during busy times (up to a week or more). I can quote lower rates if you give me more time to get a large voice over project completed. Large projects can also be done in sections to facilitate work on your end.

Due to my early work hours at Fox 2, I can not work into the evening Eastern time.

Send me a script for a quote or save time like most of my long time clients by just telling me what you have in your budget. Why waste time haggling!

**No charges for single file web downloads of small files or for shipping a single CD for a job over $200 (except for International shipping).

My *solo* home studio time is also free! Clients arrange and pay for outside studio time/equipment/ISDN service and long distance phone patch calls. My low rates exist because you aren't paying for this for others!

I will work to help you fit your budget and see that you get quality Voice Overs.

Cash Crunch? Credit Card Payments can now be made through my PayPal account!

Payment: Check, Chase QuickPay or PayPal   

TV Voice Overs by Kevin Sanderson Pleasing clients and fans in these cities: Detroit, MI Grand Rapids, MI Flint, MI Lansing, MI Escanaba, MI Traverse City, MI Saginaw, MI Bay City, MI Cadillac, MI Kalamazoo, MI South Bend, IN Farmington Hills, MI Akron, OH Albany, NY Schenectady, NY Troy, NY Albuquerque, NM Allentown, PA Bethlehem, PA Anchorage, AK Ann Arbor, MI Appleton, WI Oshkosh, WI Aspen, CO Atlanta, GA Atlantic City, NJ Augusta, GA Augusta, ME Austin, TX Bakersfield, CA Baltimore, MD Battle Creek, MI Beaumont, TX Beckley, WV Bend, OR Biloxi, MS Binghamton, NY Birmingham, AL Bismarck, ND Boise, ID Boston, MA Bowling Green, KY Bridgeport, CT Buffalo, NY Burlington, VT Canton, OH Cape Cod, MA Cedar Rapids, IA Champaign, IL Charleston, SC Charleston, WV Charlotte, NC Cheyenne, WY Chicago, IL Cincinnati, OH Cleveland, OH Columbus, OH Colorado Springs, CO Columbia, MO St. Louis, MO Columbus, GA Concord, NH Corpus Christi, TX Dallas, TX Fort Worth, TX Danbury, CT Denver, CO Boulder, CO Des Moine, IA Duluth, MN El Paso, TX Eugene, OR Springfield, OR Evansville, IN Fort Wayne, IN Indianapolis, IN Lafayette, IN Fayetteville, NC Fayetteville, AR Flagstaff, AZ Prescott, AZ Phoenix, AZ Fredericksburg, VA Fresno, CA San Diego< CA San Francisco, CA Oakland, CA Los Angeles, CA Ft. Collins, CO Gainesville, FL Miami, FL Green Bay, WI Kenosha, WI Milwaukee, WI Greensboro, NC Wisnton-Salem, NC Greenvills, NC Jacksonville, FL Honolulu, HI Houston, TX Galveston, TX Harrisburg, PA Hudson Valley, NY Huntsville, AL Jackson, MI Jackson, MS Kansas City, MO Lafayette, LA Lake Charles, LA Lakeland, FL Lancaster, PA Laredo, TX LaSalle, IL Las Cruces, NM Las Vegas, NV Little Rock, AR Lincoln, NE Louisville, KY Madison, WI Memphis, TN Ft. Lauderdale, FL Hollywood, FL Nashville, TN Nassau, NY Suffolk, NY Holbrook, NY Myrtle Beach, SC Muskegon, MI Oklahoma City, OK Omaha, NE Orlando, FL Oxnard, CA Ventura, CA Palm Springs, CA Panama City, FL Jupiter, FL Juno Beach, FL Peoria, IL Philadelphia, PA Portland, ME Reno, NV Roanoke, VA Rochester, NY Salina, KS San Antonio, TX Seattle, WA Tacoma, WA Spokane, WA Tampa, FL St. Petersburg, FL Clearwater, FL Terre Haute, IN Topeka, KS Fairbanks, AK Juno, AK Tulsa, OK Tucson, AZ Petoskey, MI Toledo, OH West Palm Beach, FL Boca Raton, FL Wilmington, DE Wilkes Barre, PA Scranton, PA Yakima, WA Youngstown, OH York, PA Syracuse, NY London, England, United Kingdom, UK

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